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Trevon Thomas
In the novel “Feed” by M.T Anderson its book based on futuristic theme. The characters have a chip installed I their head called a feed. The feed acts like a computer where they surf the web, shop for clothes and search up information. Even though the feed is good it has a powerful negative impact if it malfunctions. But threw this novel Titus and his friends show you different uses for the feed.

What is the feed purpose?

• The feed is needed because it helps them stay in contact
• It’s helps them research answers or shop online or stream music or chat with friends.

Is the feed good or bad?
• Violet thinks the feed is bad because everyone is smart but not every one retains the knowledge.
• Titus thinks the feed is good because it makes life easier and he compares it back when people had to carry laptops around now the feed is internal.
Bad effects of the feed.
• The bad effects of the feed if it malfunctions like violet did you can lose your memory.
• It blocks your ability to research actual knowledge.

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