HW/Announcements: Essay #2, Research Proposals, Conferences with Professor Belli, Extra Credit

1. Essay #2 Final Draft is due next Tu (4/8) by the start of class. E-mail files and bring portfolio folders (including pre-drafts with peer review comments, first drafts with peer review comments, first drafts with my comments, your freewriting about next-steps for revisions from 4/1, and your final draft with fully updated Cover Letter).

2. Blog your first draft of your research proposal (categorize as “Research Proposals”) no later than Monday night (4/7). Next Tuesday we will discuss research, finding/evaluating sources, and have our library session for the 2nd 1/2 of class.

3. I am holding mandatory conferences this week, to discuss Essay #2 drafts and your midterm grades. The schedule is here. If you were absent, make sure you reply to that post (by leaving a comment) ASAP with when you will come in to see me this week.

4. As we discussed in class, there are two exciting events happening next week at the college: the Literary Roundtable (W 4/9) and the Literary Arts Festival (Th 4/10). I encourage you to attend either (or both!) of these events, and if you attend/blog in response to the event, you will receive extra credit. You can find out more details about the events (and the extra credit) here.


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