The End

In this last chapter of feed violet seems to become more ill day by day.She has a lot of malfunctions and Titus only sits and wonders is she’s gunna be okay. She feels as if she is going to die soon if her feed isn’t fixed or if it fully stops working.When Titus sees hope sick she has gotten he gets worried. He tries to alienate himself from violet. But violet feels worried that her days are limited so she send titus a bucket list of things she wants to do. But titus being a jerk ignores her. But later on he agrees to run away with her. When they arrive at the mountains they began to argue. They quite didn’t see eye to eye as before. After they finished they went home. Violet was disappointed because she tried to be lovey dove with titus he just rejected her like she was a nobody. She felt a way towards titus as if he was like everybody else. But later on violets dad tells titus the sad news about violet. He blames titus as one of the reason his daughter passed. At this point titus is lost for words he waited till it was too late.
At that point i think titus is really dumb. Why he really liked violet but pushed her away. Even though they was perfect he made her last few days uncomfortable. Titus let his pride and his friends over shadow the way he felt about violet.which wa shad because he defended her in most cases and in the beginning of the book he explain how lonely he felt. But when he was with violet he felt different. It was like he felt loved and he was happy. I think that titus should have never ignored violet. He would have been a better character standing by her until she was threw her problem.

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