Feed Part 4

In Feed part 4 things take a turn for the worse Violet is in the Hospital slowly dieing after the makers of the Feed FeedTech refuse to help repair her issue with the Feed due to her resisting the feed. Meanwhile Titus in return grows farther and farther away from her somehow blaming her for the fact that she is sick. Violet in turn continues loving him while Titus begins to feel no sympathy and more awkward hate towards her. Violet sends Titus a list of things she wants to do with him in the future and of memories that they have together, Titus simply lies when she asks if she saw the list while also turning down the idea of running away together. Titus breaks up with Violet and ends up dating Quendy. The book ends with a rather emotional Titus telling a lifeless violet a story and how he wants her to remember herself and how he is going to remember her and that she is still there.

Its quite sad the book ends considering how Titus ignored and rejected her throughout this chapter and when she eventually begins to shut down and die he finally begins to get real emotions, emotions that are probably rare in that worlds society considering the Feed and how it basically thinks for you. In the end it was a good book rather tragic and emotional at the end I believe if Titus would have never met Violet on the moon or never talked with her at least then there would have never been a problem with her life in the first place.

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