Essay 2

In the novel Feed by M.T. Anderson is a future world and relevant to the feed which like internet that installed in human’s head. It makes them have homely mark on the skin,, less ability and even destroy our environment. Also who has feed represent you are the high class.

 Feed cause users have big ugly red marks

p.21 “Like big thanks to everyone for not telling me that my lesion is like meg completely spreading”

p.23 “Your lesion, it’s on the edge of your face, so it frames your face”

p.221 “She still had the lesions all over her. When she moved her head, I could see a lesion on her neck open and close like a fish mouth singing a country song”

 Feed can harm you if it is broken or control.

p.202 “she was shaking and her eyes were all white and rolling around and she couldn’t talk anymore”

p.170 “The feed is tied in to everything. Your body control…..”

p. 40 “And then they touched us , and bodies fell and there was nothing else

p. 129 “I mean my foot isn’t working….” P. 174 “I probably don’t have much time……”

 Destruction our natural world

p. 179 “It was blue when the sun hit it one way, and purple when the sun hit it another way”

p. 180 “some upcars floated over in the Clouds TM…..”

p.125 “Yeah, Jefferson Park that was knocked down to make an air factory”

 Violet has individual idea, she doesn’t want feed control her

p. 98 “I am going to let them catalog me…”

p. 99 “ she whispered, Complicating. Resisting.”

P 113 “No one with feeds thinks about it, she said when you have the feed…..”

 Violet has different class with Titus

p. 113 “ I got it when I was seven”

p. 122 “so you are getting this as a reward for being in the hospital”

“My father has to save a year and let me have a trip to the moon”

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