The Love Between Violet And Titus

In the third chapter of feed they show us how the relationship between Titus and Violet developed. They go back to the earth and the feed worked again. Everything returned to normal. Titus picked up Violet and they both went to the party which Titus was invited to by Quendy, they celebrated and their feed was reunited. Even though Violet never been to a party before she was really excited to go to one because she only saw parties on feed. After the party Titus explain the dream that he got which was he can play any game he wanted for free from the feed but only in his sleep. After Titus got a heartbreak from Violet he looses his mind. He could not stand being around Violet for some time but he explain that he was going mal weakens him. Also at the ending of the book Titus realize that him and Violet forever and forever I just a dream and never going to be reality. Before Violet’s death she wanted to experience so many things that she never experienced before in reality. She stated on page 229 that “definitive list of things I want to do.” She meant that she want to do all the things she desire before she dies. Violet also tried to talk to Titus through messaging but, Titus failed to reply because he didn’t see the point of chatting with violet because she was soon going to die. Even though both Violet and Titus have feelings for each other, they have changed from the beginning of the book to the end. Their feelings have changed for each other because of the different challenges they have faced through life.

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