As we start to find out that the relationship between Titus and Violet is coming to a rough end, you just feel terrible about the whole situation. Violet is going through her malfaction while Titus is just not feeling the same anymore towards her. We start to notice how he starts separating himself from Violet little by little, he barely talks to her even starts to ingore her.

Is Violet being¬†ostracized by Titus and his friends? Or is she just being ostracized by the ¬† society that they live in? ¬†We notice that the Feedtech is somewhat punishing Violet because she resist’s the feed. Nina said I’m here to inform you that Feedtech Corp has decided to turn down your petition for complimentary feed repair and/or replacement. We tried our best to¬†interest a variety of possible¬†corporate¬†sponsors, but we regret to tell you that you were turned down.¬†Unfortunately, Feedtech and other¬†investors¬†reviewed your past purchasing history and we¬†don’t feel that you would be a reliable investment at this time. No on can get what we call “handle” on your shopping habits, like for¬†example you asking for information about all those wow and¬†brag products and the ¬†never bought anything. We have to inform you that our corporate investors were like “whats doing with this?” sorry¬†I’m¬†afraid¬†you’ll just have to work with your feed the way it is. (page 246-247).¬†This is Violet resisting the Feed she doesn’t want to be put into the category were your just a consumer of products. Which is why it makes her very different then the rest of the characters on the book. What the Feedtech worker Nina was referring too was when Violet and Titus went to the mall and ask various questions of products and didn’t buy anything.

The whole point of the Feed is to have people purchasing and purchasing products. The Feed is not helpful because it dumbs you down and it gives a specific hype that everybody’s has to be on. Violet was trying to show that to Titus but that was never accomplished. Violet was trying to let Titus see the world in a different way, buy telling him news about South America and current issues that was happening in other places. Titus would always refer to her saying as “weird shit” but its only because she’s different and sees the world differently.

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