The Beginning to the End

In order to have and use the feed credit is needed. Titus and the teenagers have plenty of that. They purchase what they want, go to the moon and even get stoned. They seem unaffected by the world beyond the feed. When Titus meets Violet, he is exposed to something different. Although, he worries about whether he is smart enough, they develop a relationship. After they survive the hacking of their feeds, they bond. Although their friendship seems strained, Violets opinions and looming demise change him. The device they carry in them keeps track of their habits in terms of consumerism. What it cannot do is control what is in the heart.

While on a trip to the moon, Titus sees Violet and in that moment that is all he wants.
p.13 “She was the most beautiful girl, like, ever.”
p.17 “I followed her when I could.”
p.22 “The girls lesion was beautiful. It was like a necklace. A red choker”

They go to the mall where Violet exercises her right to fight the feed.
p.98 “I am not going to let them catalog me. I am going to become invisible.”
p.99 She whispered, “Complicating. Resisting.”

Since Violet got her feed later than most and her father bought the economy model, she is not recovering from the hacking experience on the moon.
p.153 ”Someone was just nosing around my feed, checking out my specs and sending me all these images.”
p.129 “Something just won’t work for an hour or two. My finger or something.”
p.180 “You know the part that’s the really ironic thing? The guy? The hacker? You almost agree with him. He completely fucked you over, and you almost agree withhim.”

Titus can’t deal with the thought of Violets’ health issues and he erases her list.
p.253 “I am going to tell you everything. Some day, I might want you to tell it back to me.”
p. 254 “ I sat on the sofa. I looked at the fireplace. I had deleted all her memories.”

Violet was barely breathing and Titus returns to give her his memories.
p.294 ”Two days later, I went to visit her.”
p.297 “They say we’re all crossing the bridge of dreams together That there is nothing more than that. Just us, on the bridge of dreams.”

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