😡 I cant even begin to explain how I feel toward Titus.

Violet was sick. So Titus took her to the hospital after malfunction. She already felt awful about what she said to Quendy at the party but she also felt relieved to scream.  As Violet was in the hospital she sends him a list, a Definitive list of things she wanted to do. Something like a bucket list. As Violet chats Titus he begins to ignore her. He starts to avoid and delete some of her messages. When Violet needed him the most he was drifting away! Violet finally got Titus to decide to go to the mountains with her, it was one of the things on her list to do, as was staying in a hotel, and so they did. Then Violet starts pulling some moves on Titus to be romantic being that she’s his girlfriend and all. Titus couldn’t go through with it. Her dying was the only thing he could think of. So they have this argument! 😡  They break up. I was so upset! Titus why! Would you let that happen when she told you before in the hospital (216) that she wouldn’t forget you that you’ll always be in her memory! 👿 Such a guy move.

Then. Titus eventually starts to date Quendy! Seriously Titus Quendy. Quendy just wanted to be loved I understand but Seriously???

Sometime later Around summer. Titus feels something is wrong. He sees Violet laying in bed literally like a potato. Of course Violets father was heartbroken. Violet had no hair she couldn’t move or speak. Of course Titus leaves because he cant handle the truth. Its too late when he comes back Violets dead. What a way to end.

When I first read this book I though it would be boring. As I read along I built a relationship with the characters. I believe the reason why Violet died was because of the implantation at a late age and her trying to resist the feed didn’t help either. Plus all the stress. All she wanted was to live a life where she wasn’t categorized, where she was free to think and like what ever she wanted.

I know Titus cant feel. I know he doesn’t want to be dumb. But I do believe if took violet a little more serious. He would understand more. He would feel more. I know he tried and it made them further. But Titus decided to leave. Titus decided to date Quendy. I keep thinking If Titus would’ve left Violet alone when they were on the moon. Would she have still been hacked? Would she have left early instead of helping Quendy with her stupid hair to cover her stupid lesion. If they never bothered Violet would she have still been alive?

Violet was a great girl she didn’t need to be left alone. She shouldn’t have went out like that. My jaw dropped and I literally almost shed a tear.

I still believe Titus is a backstabber. I feel you shouldn’t leave someone when they needed you especially when you were that close.


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