In the novel Feed by M.T. Anderson, last part “Slumberland” beginning with Violet is in the hospital because her feed somehow breakdown. While Titus is so worry about her and her father comes. Tites asks him what is happening to her. After the technician doctor fixes her, Violet wakes again, but she still not is a normal person because her feed efficiency is lower 98%. She apologizes to Titus that what she did to his friends. Titus pretty understands she doesn’t mean by those things if she is not damage. The next day, Titus goes to visit Violet at her house. She told him because of this time malfunction, she lost a year of her memories. And she told him wants to go and do many things and have fun. However, Titus doesn’t look excited and treats coldly at her, because he is not sure Violet will be okay or not in a big group. Violet’s father tries to get money from the FeedTech for repairs her daughter, but it didn’t success. On the nest morning, she talks about her family background. Her mother and father’s family never has feed as they could not afford it. She transmits the list that has all the things she wants to do with Titus. But he not interested at all and even ignores this info. Therefore, he broke up with Violet when they were in the mountain hotel. Unfortunately, she died with excessive heart-broken.

Violet centrally is unique and different of all the teens. After her feed damage from this time, she still has many things wish to do. Is it that she against to the feed and feed punished her in some way? I think that the feedtech can control human who has feed. Nina says “FeedTech and other investors reviewed you purchasing history, and we don’t feel that you would be a reliable investment at this time” FeedTech just doesn’t want to provide assistance; because they notices that Violet is different.


In all of her list that is indicating is normal person what we do in today, but it is weird or might astonish for the feed user.  Violet list becomes more fantastical, describing an ideal life in which she does not have the feed and is actually from Fort Wayne. She wants to grow old and have grandchildren with Titus, retire by a lake, and have a dog named Thomas Paine. This just like in our life what we want to do, but it’s happened in Violet’s mind.

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