In the novel  feed by M.T Anderson, part 4 violet was taking to the hospital by Titus after they were playing spin the bottle at the party when violet go so mad and said “ look at us, you don’t have the feed! You are the feed! You’re being eaten!” when she got the hospital Titus was so worried about her and her father came. They discovered how bad her situation is getting. She apologized to Titus about what she said at the party to him and his friends specially Quendy because she called her a monster. When she came out of the hospital and Titus came to visit her she was telling him what she wants to do when she feels better she wants to party go out and have fun. She texted Titus to all the information that she wanted him to save but he didn’t answer her for a few day and when he had a very bad headache he deleted all the Information she had sent him when she came to his house because he wasn’t answering he told her that he didn’t receive anything. They went to the mountain and at the hotel they broke up and took her home. Finally after few days he gets a message from her dad that she was died he went and so how she was, she was a like a wood he felt like there is no one there. Her father told him that her feed was affected because of the late installation and the model wasn’t that great.
         Her father told Titus that he didn’t want to give his daughter the feed, because he and his wife didn’t have it but when he went to the job interview and he felt different without the feed he didn’t want his daughter to be left out so got her the feed. I wonder it was like if she didn’t get the how was the life of her parents without it.
     When Titus received the message from violets dad that it was over and he drove over to her house on the way he said that “the clouds were glowing and a black snow was falling” what does the clouds and black rain simples. And finely violets day was blaming Titus because he put her through this and deleted what she have sent his, he said something that’s so great “we Americans, are interested only in the consumption of our products. We have no interest in hoe they were produced.” And he said “what happens to them once we discard them once we throw them away”. When Titus and Violet went to the mountain and he broke up with her his said I didn’t know this was going to be serious I thought we will be together for a few months and she is acting like they are married. This reminds me of Nev story when  Angela the story she wasn’t thinking about how it was going to hurt Nev and that’s what Titus did he didn’t think about how violet was going to feel he made her feel sorry they she was dying.      

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