essay 2

In the novel feed, we learn that feed is a chip that is put in the brain. This chip controls their thoughts, emotions, memories and movement. Titus is the narrator of the novel, throughout the book we have learned how feed controls and effects Titus and his friends.We also learned how they can’t resist because surrounded by it.It’s everywhere there is no run away only death. Violet was different from all Titus friends (Link, Marty, Quendy, Calista and Loga)


  • Why is the feed important to them

-feed is the internet in their heads it’s easy for them to access to anything.

– They chat and stay together even when they are far


  • What are the effects of the feed

-once they get feed they can’t live without it (violet’s story)

– Feed controls their emotions and their thoughts


  • How the feed controls them.

-The feed is eaten them pg202

-feed is everywhere they can’t resist it

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