Essay 2 Pre-draft Destructive

The book feed by M. T. Anderson is a novel based on Titus and his friends who visit the moon and they meet this girl named Violet who changes the way of seeing society and on the problems that are really being faced. Violet proves to Tirus and his friends that theres more to then just the feed. The feed is a device that is implanted in their heads which gives them the abilities to have acess to the internet 24 hours a day they can buy and chat through this device,it is basically used for everything. What this device is doing is that it is keeping them away from what is actually going on around them in reality.

What is going on:

  • The changes in the environment such as limited air,the beach water, the beef country,trade marked clouds and The skin peeling off everyone and everyone becoming bald.
  • The pop ups and ads distracting them.
  • Feed not letting them see the truth,it being hidden from them .

What is the device doing:

  • Creating Pop ups,ads,and commercials that keep popping up on theyre feed and distracting them.
  • Keeping them away from whats going on environmentally.
  • Keeping them away from physical and verbal contact, the M-Chat stops them from having an actual conversation or relationship.

Examples of when the feed was distractive:

  • (125) Violet and Titus father argue over the air factory and how the air is limited. This shows how biolet is the only one aware of the environmental issues going on while everyone else is not aware.
  • (99) when Violet is doing her experiment and she walks in a store and theyre attacked by ads and pop ups. This distracts them and doesnt let them concentrate on what they really want because the feed convinces them on something else.
  • (199) when theyre at the party and marty chats and says the Lesions look good and sexy because you can see Quendys tendons and ligaments. Its a virus and its something that they dont realize because in the show “Oh! Wow! Thing!” Its a trend.
  • (180) Violet and Titus chat instead of actually talking when theyre with eachother. They do this to avoid akwardness and emotions when theyre with eachother.
  • (179) When Titus and Violet are at the beach and they have to use suits to protect themselves from the smell and water.
  • (201) when Violet goes crazy at the party and she starts to scream at everyone so they listen to what is really going on in the world and to not just use the feed Because those society problems are more important then the feed use itself.

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