dying love

in part 4 of feed by M.T Anderson violet is taken to the hospital by Titus due to her malfunction at the part.not long when she was taken to the hospital her father came in to see her.they were both pretty worried about her due to her frequent malfunction.they take her home .the next day Titus went to visit her and she chatted him and telling about the things she want to do in life before she dies.she also tell him that she has  lost a year of her memory.she cant remember anything that happen before she got the feed.for the next couple of days violet message Titus a list of all the thing she wanted to do in her life she label it as“Definitive list of things I want to do” (229). violet kept on messaging Titus but he has been ignoring her by not reading her messages and he also deleted some of them.one of the thing in her list is to go to the mountain ,so she went to his house and ask him to go with her without her father knowing.so they went and violet try to get romantic with him and he was not in to it.so she felt some type of way so they started to argue.Titus right then there broke up with her.she was really hurt because he left her the time she needed him the most.  Titus started to out with Qeuendy and left violet alone to die.later on he started to feel bad about what he did to her and decides to go and visit her  unfortunately it was too late because she had died at the end..

i believe that violet would have leave a little longer if Titus  stood by her and have a little more passion with her and try to make her happy.if he really care about her like what he said then he should have did all these thing with her and try to be there for her when she needed him the most.the way he reacts to the problems is very heartless .i understand how he must felt going out with someone who is dying,but its never an excuse for him to acted the way he did and we didn’t stop he went ahead and start to go out with Quendy. which is disrespectful…that was too much

i  don’t think it was a good idea for her father to get her the feed at such a late age when he knew there is life threat ..i mean we all know that he love her so much and it was all in good intention.but maybe is she didn’t have it she would have been alive today but you know everything you see in life happen for a reason.

when i first started reading this book “omigod” i hated it. it was so hard to understand especially the way they speak.to be honest i could not read complete 10 pages without falling asleep. after the first part i have really grown to love the book and its a pity it ended the way it did. but over all you really get to see how these peoples live is .even though they have all of these amazing things in there feed but we realize how lonely they really  are….. lonely

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