In this society we’ve learned that everyone has this device thats planted into their brains that gives them access to buy products, communicate, get cheaper prices for products and to find information. This device is called the Feed which serves as its purpose to be the internet in your head. As we meet these characters we see that many of them are just really blinded by the Feed except one that is resisting it her name is Violet. Violet is really unique compared to Titus and his friends because she sees the world in a different way and her living situation is different as well.


How She resists the FEED

  • She whispered “Complicating. Resisting.” pg.99
  • “What do you think about resisting?” she asked me really hard.” pg.103

Why is she different from the rest

  • “Your life …. it must be kind of strange” pg.138
  • Violet got the feed when she was 7 because her dad couldn’t really afford it
  • “i got the feed later . . . than some kids” she said “i got my feed really late”

purpose for the Feed

  • To give you updates on whats going on and whats the new trend
  • Advertising for you could spend money
  • listing products and comparing their prices together

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