In Part 4 of feed by M. T. Anderson, is about how Violet slowly starts to breakand disfunction. After the party scene where she called everyone a monster and yelled societies problems, she was taken to the hospital and her father and Titus where present to see how she was feeling. Slowly as her disfunction progresses more and more he starts to move away from her and treat her bad. All Violet does is love Titus but Titus becomes an ass. As Titus pushes Violet away she writes to him more and more explaining to him whats going on,he begins to reject her and ignore her messages on the chat. Violet sent Titus a list of things she wants to do and also sends him memories and some things she wrote. After some time Violet invites Titus to run away with her to the mountins and he refuses to and violet ask if he read the messages he sent, he lies and says no but in reality he did he just didnt want to answer,and then he feels bad and he says ok. As they drive in the upcar Violet is extremely excited and happy but when they arrive the least expected happens. Violet wanted to be loved by titus and titus jumped off when they were kissing because he felt like there was a zombie feeling up on him, That he didnt want a dead person on him. Violet got offended because she wasnt dead yet and she was just disfunctional,they both yelled and insulted eachother And then left home and thats when Violet began to get worse and started to shut down slowly.

According to what i read, i think Titus was very unfair and rude with the idea of what was happening in Violets life and health. Titus didnt respect her at all and was never loyal he made her appoligize for being sick which in that case was not something to say sorry for. The way he treated her broke my heart because Violet was right all along and while she was in bed sick, outside in the world everything was going wrong and peoples skin was coming off and everyone was going bald. Violet loved Titus because he always accepted her and her wierd ways of being but in reality he didnt believe them and was rude About it by calling her all those names and not listening or supporting her. The fact he then ended up going out with Quendy was even worse! That was pathetic of him. This shows how one simple thing can control you in every way by just distracting you with it. Each moment they have ads and pop ups come out in their feed which distracts them and they need it and depend on it unlike Violet who resist it and just wanted to warn people like Titus friends about the effects and what is actually going on, this also shows that we should actually be worrying about more important things then just what controls us and what we have, she wanted to prove that there was more then just the feed that they were capable of doing much more.

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