Essay 2; Feed pre-draft

M. T. Anderson’s Feed is about a group of teenage friends, that have the feed installed in their heads. The feed is basically like the internet, which allows them to purchase, chat, watch shows and do many other things in an instance. Having the feed in their head made it very convenient for them to be able to do those things anytime, anywhere. Titus is the narrator as well as the main character and his friends are; Violet, Link, Marty, Quendy and Calista. Titus and Violet start a relationship which lasted a few months, but eventually ended a few days before she died. The group of friends try to keep themselves entertained with the feed, different types of games, visiting places, but even with all that entertainment, boredom also comes across. Entertainment can keep people happy and motivated, but when it gets to the extremes, it can change everything around.

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