In part 4 of Feed by M. T. Anderson, violet was brought to the hospital by Titus due to her malfunction getting worse. Her father comes to see her while Titus is still in the hospital. Violet’s frequent malfunctioning has made her father and Titus very worried. They take her home soon. Titus goes to her house the next day and she chats him that she wants to do so many things in life. she also tells him that she lost 1 year of her memory from her feed. she can’t recall what happened before she got the feed. later Violet messages Titus a list of things she wants to do before she dies and labels it, “Definitive list of things I want to do” (229). Violet begins messaging him a lot, but Titus starts to avoid her messages, he even deletes some of them. She wants to go to the mountains, so she persuades Titus to go with her. They stay in a hotel, Violet gets romantic with him, but Titus can’t accept that because she was going to die. After arguing, Titus decides to break up with her and they leave home. Titus has started to date Quendy after that. A few months later, during summertime, he feels something is wrong so he visits Violet and sees her in bed, she’s bald, she can’t talk, move, or do anything. Violet’s father blames Titus for her condition. Titus couldn’t bare to hear that so he left, but he does come to see her again in a couple of days and unfortunately she dies.

Violet’s early death was mostly because of the feed. She probably should’ve never gotten it because it was kind of late for her. She got her’s when she was seven and other people got it when they were babies. Her father should’ve known not to get her an old or perhaps cheap model of feed. Now they are facing the consequences of their bad decision. The late installation of her feed is not the only thing to blame for her death, the hacking is also to blame because it made her malfunction even more often which eventually lead her to death.

Before Violet’s death, she had desires for doing so many things, because she wanted to experience them in real life. Even though she had a limited amount of time, she made a list called, “Definitive list of things I want to do”(229). which most likely means that she didn’t want to die before completing or fulfilling her desires. She messages Titus oftenly about herself but Titus doesn’t chat her back because he doesn’t like the fact that he is going out with someone that is going to die. Sometimes he skims through the messages or reads the beginning of it, then he decides to delete them. They both have different feelings about each other, their relationship has changed a lot since the beginning.

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