We now learn who Titus has become. Through Violets fathers words and her condition, we are taken to a mad sad place. And the feed delivers ever more ominous messages on the state of the world.

People are rioting in the malls everywhere as their skin disappears. It is peeling off and nobody knows why. America is being threatened by “The Global Alliance” who issued a statement that says, “the physical and biological integrity of the earth relies at this point upon the dismantling of American based corporate entities, whatever the cost.”(p.243)

People have been disappearing….whole suburbs. Large groups of people have been found dead. Maybe it is happening already. Nobody knows anything including what a corporate entity is. The feed continuously delivers these types of messages while advertising shaving cream and sales on jeans. The bombardment of information leaves no time to sort it out. There is no thinking.

Titus deals with his breakup with Violet by getting trashed. He is really not capable of feeling. Losing his so called mind is his intention. He hasn’t been able to communicate with her for awhile but going mal weakens him. The concept of death is so foreign and he won’t deal with it, not even for Violet. But he tries and this rips them further apart.

We never get to understand what time is. The feed distorts everything. All we know is that this teenager has moved on. SchoolTM where Titus seems to learn nothing is over. He has become attached to Quendy. While he is away with the guys, he misses her….and life goes on.

The message revealing Violets decline stops time. The feed has made Titus unable to feel but he must find out what happened. After Violets father blames himself for skimping when buying her feed, he blames Titus for helping his daughter get hacked. We really feel the fathers pain through his flying words. Titus can’t understand a word and he demands over and over, “tell me”.(p.291) Violets father wants him to read it himself and find the answer but he won’t do it. He cannot read. SchoolTM teaches them how to use the information given them. They don’t have to speak, feel or read as long as they have credit.

Titus is numb. The sight of Violet with the disks and tubes has had an affect on him. He strips and forces a moment of silence by exhausting his credit. He is invisible.

The act of deleting someones memories and dreams is haunting. The vision of Violet, so helpless and still having the strength to want some part of her to live on is extraordinary. The story of Titus and she coping with a disintegrading life, together and alone is so sad. The book is ending on that note. The bond of these two is forever and forever is a dream. Titus has finally learned something.

Throughout the novel there has been a feeling that Violet would be punished for her thoughts and behavior. She is told that they won’t help her with her feed because of her profile. She is so brave and at this point we understand the value of life. Once Titus clears his credit so to speak, he sits with her. He whispers his memory to her barely beating heart; “Together, the two crazy kids grow, have madcap escapades, and learn an important lesson about love. They learn to resist the feed.”(p.298) And now we know that this is the beginning of the end.

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