The Relationship

In the third chapter of feed we get to see the relationship of Titus and Violet develop. Violet is independent and outspoken. She is very unusual in the world they live in. She takes Titus on an intellectual journey and he goes willingly.

Through Violet we can begin to understand the moral consequences of this consumer driven government. She has been home-schooled and really educated. Pointing out that getting rid of the trees and replacing them with air factories seems counterproductive is considered
“snotty”(p.125). She is idealistic and Titus father reacts to this concept by defending it, “Do you know how inefficient trees are next to an air factory?”(p.125) Titus is torn between his father who represents the establishment and the irresistible Violet. Titus is fine with the idea of being rewarded with an upcar by his father. He is really very immature, not quite his own person. In the world they live in, he may just remain this way.

Since the experience on the moon Violet has introduced Titus to another way of thinking. She seems torn with wanting to fit in and hating the feed. She has very strong feelings about society. When Titus spends they day at the mall with her, she is “trying to create a customer profile that is so screwed, no one can market to it.”(p.98) He goes along with her and considers it exciting. When he questions her, she flirts with him instead of answering. They are very different.

Violet is smarter than The other teenagers Titus hangs out with. She has never been to a party before she meets him and her uneasiness is felt by everyone. This is a girl that didn’t have access to the feednet till she was seven. She has not been to school with other kids. Violet is not typical and the others do not understand her. They are not really capable of much it seems. They are consumed by the advertising, following all the trends. Using your brain is reserved for very few in this book. This is an attraction for Titus or maybe he is just curious.

Titus spends much of his time defending Violet. It makes him feel smarter to be around her although he may not understand why. She is very complicated. She has a real mind and the guts to use it. Still, she is vulnerable physically and somewhat on the edge. There is a question as to whether she will survive and Titus is determined to stay involved. Maybe he has begun to understand the lives they live. He is not the type to question or rock the boat. He simply wants to be happy. She has influenced him in a way that has never happened.

The complications of Violets words have taken its toll on their relationship. Although Titus parents will accept Violet as long as he is happy, his friends won’t. It may be a decision he will have to make. Titus wants to save Violet but it may be out of his control. He wants to spend time with her but she does not really want to be with his friends. When she attempts it is not successful. And then her body goes limp.

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