The Ecological Devastation of the Utopia

Ok so yeah, I would definitely like to make this entry about the idea revolving around the Utopia chapter or section/part. I don’t even know what’s it called. But anyways back to the utopia topic, there were many big important events happening within Titus’s life and his surroundings. But I only want to focus on several of them. One of the issues or topic I’d like to write about is the TM business and the environment in general. It seems that the entire environment has been official made artificial, there is no more trees, the clouds are all polluted to extinction, there are no animals which in my opinion is pure ridiculous. The air is artificially made, schools are also TM based, and everything that has to do with weather and the sun and night time are controlled! The audacity of this so called utopia has made is enraging to its people, in my opinion. But of course no one seems to realize this except the Feed resisters. The clouds and air are factory made and it seems like the clouds are holograms mixed with some artificial gas that has been dyed white or other white to dark gray color line dye. Or perhaps the clouds have just been replicated through a corporation. Oh yeah, so I won’t forget, TM stands for Trade Marked. Schools have been bought by corporations and marked TM to increase the Feed networks ¬†and teach based on the feed. Another crazy thing, is the thing with the animals. When Titus and Violet go out into the country, apparently they end up in Beef Country. Throughout the land was just a complete extension of how the meat they eat seems to be processed. He mentions how there were like tissue throughout the land and how the heart seems to pulse and flex a muscle of some sort. I found it really strange that there would be meat without animals to get it from. Now the meat is artificially made like the clouds and are completely replicated. The craziest thing to manipulate is basically time, in which they do also. Titus briefly mentions how each home is barricaded and the seasons are changeable. Also that the day time and night time are also controlled to replicate the real thing. It seems like they probably live underground with still access to the “surface.” ITs crazy how their technology has even surpassed natural human sexual reproduction. Genes are no longer necessary to create a child. Now its all based on one’s tastes and likes. For god’s sake, Link turns out to be a replica of Abraham Lincoln. I think I spelled his last name wrong, oh well. Parents can say, hey I want my child to this person’s chin, or hey my little boy should have a feminine face; lord its horrible. Well im w\running out of time so my last comment will be that its actually not that far from happening in our time because nowadays, our future parents can customize their baby’s eyes and hair colors through technology.

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