Part 3 utopia

In the part 3 Utopia of the book Feed by M.T. Anderson begin with things are get back to normal since Titus and his friends got hacked in the moon. They go back to the earth and the Feed it works again; everything is return in their normal life. Titus soon has party invited by Quendy, it’s to celebrate their feed is repaired. Titus picks up Violet go together. Violet feels so excited about it because she never join the real party before; she only seen a party on the feed. Later, they arrive at the party. Calista doesn’t like Violet and says she is kind of stuck-up, but Quendy does happy that Violet with Titus together.  Titus worries about Violet because she still has some affected by the last time hacked via she tells him. After the party night, Titus got the dream that he can play many free games from the Feed and only in his sleep. The next, Violet has new project to tell Titus, they are decide to meet in the mal. She says that the Feed makes everyone so simple. She wants to create a customer profile that the corporations unable market. Also, they go many places to just asking for the ridiculous question but did not buy. Before they go to the bed, Violet told Titus that everything goes crazy; she got everything that from the feed what they obscured at today. On the later chapter, i know that Violet was born on the poor family. She couldn’t like Titus could have toy gun, so she took anything object as a gun. They are both have good time since they make up stories laughed and laughed. Titus was shocked when Violet got the feed at her 7 year old and her father needed to save money up to a year for her moon trip. Then, Titus feels so sad about while Violet said the feed makes people foolish and selfish…Since Titus’ parents buy him a car, he with Violet intimacy gets much closer and love grown.

As far as i read, i like that Violet has dissimilar opinion on the feed and acts differently.  I like the way she has individual opinion and not influenced by the other people or feed. i guess this book try to tell us, It’s good always be ourselves, we are control the Feed, not him.

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