Individual and Societal problems

Individual and Societal Problems

Kimberly,Julie,Mildred and Yang Yang

Thesis: In the novel Feed by M. T. Anderson, the author proclaims societal and environmental destruction as a threat to the whole world, this brings the world alliance leaders to get involved.

Some Enviornmental Destructions:

Air Factories,Beef Country,Beach,Violet Lives underground where the sun and sky peels off and the road cracks,Lesions,riots and government.

Some Examples that Proofed the Thesis we had was on Page 157,149,119,94,85 and 134-138. When the italicized speeches or words are from the feed that speak about the government and president and whats going on in society.

Some claims we had was how the ocean water was contaminated and how they had to wear orange suits to protect them selves.

How parks such as jefferson park was removed to put air factories because the air is limited.

Also the living conditions Violet lives in such as the sun and sky “peeling” and also the floor completely cracked. This means they live underground like below where Titus and the rest of his friends live.

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