Feed Part 3 Utopia

Part three begins with everything back to normal everyone went back  to earth and everyone’s feet began to work again, even though some people had some difficulties with getting back to normal. Titus and violet are somewhat going out. Titus and the crew had a party at the end of the week at Quendy’s house. Quendy’s parents were hanging out somewhere. They meet at the mall near violet’s house and they went to the party together. while they were on their way to the party they got a chance to talk a little bit to know each. violet has never been to a real party before,she was really happy that Titus ask her  to go with him. Calista thinks  Violet is stuck up a bit. Titus chats with Violet and finds out Calista makes fun of Violet because she uses good vocabulary when she converses so she looked up  the meaning of the word after they finished talking. Titus asked her if she is okay and she said she is fine just having a friendly conversation with Calista, but we all know that is not true. she is happy that she finally have a real friend she can have fun with  because she was home schooled. at some point when they were together violet told Titus about a research project she is working on, so She says the corporations have figured out what everyone wants due to the feeds, but this makes everyone simpler. Her project is she creates a customer profile that is so confusing none of the corporations can market to it. while they were talking Titus ask her why her father didn’t come to the moon to visit her at the hospital and she told him that he couldn’t come because it cause a lot of money to go to the moon and her father would save up to a year to pay for her to go to the moon. Titus is amazed that it’s expensive it is to go to the moon…so after they both went home Titus’s parents told him that “he has going through so much and they are very proud of him and that they want to buy him a up car” so he chooses a red dog. Violate thinks he’s a lucky guy, She tells him they do not have to go to court because the hacker died. Titus is surprised because he does not know this. Violet gets mad at Titus’s dad because he suggest they don’t go to the forest. Violet gets upset and says trees can make air and that people need trees…Titus went to violet’s house to pick her up so they can go drive around while he was there he met her father for the first time, so he describe how messy the house was and her father…after  a little, while in the car, violet tell him about her life story ,and how her mother left them when she was six or seven and her father raised her by himself and home school her and Titus also tell her his family’s story but it wasn’t as interesting as her story.  he was glad that they sheared  there stories. When they got to the country beef there wasn’t much a lot of people there so it was really peaceful. they walked  with each other to and they  have fun, also they watch the sun set and he talked about how he was turned on when she was talking about self-control.  Titus has strange nightmares. A kid looks at him and points a gun at him. It all makes no sense.  so he ask her  if he know  who the intruder is but she don’t, so Titus went back to sleep and the feed was back to normal.so there was a party going on…at the party they played a game called spin the bottle and everyone was having fun until Marty spun the bottle and landed on violet so Marty  got up and he kind of started to disrespect violet .she than got mad and got up and stared to yell at him and everyone.Titus saw how violet was looking and he new she was not okay and he asked people to call the ambulance but no one helped him. Every one was like she is in mal. violet did say to Titus about how she hasn’t been feeling to good after the hacking situation on the Moon.

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