We have come to learn that without the feed these people can’t function. While Titus and his friends were in the hospital they felt so lonely and bored without having the feed up and working. Titus was describing how bored he was without having the feed; he describes it has the “walls” and kept emphasizing the painting that was on the wall. As Titus and Violet didn’t have the feed they start communicating normal with verbal words without m-chatting. We learn stuff about Violet that is very important and very interesting, how she got the feed when she was seven years old because her father couldn’t afford it. We learn how her parents meet and aren’t together anymore. The father is a teacher and teaches the “old language” which i think is really important because it makes Violet stand out among the crowed that has the feed because she’s different. We learn how Titus parents meet as well. They meet in the planet venus “the planet of Lerv”. We learn that you can technically design your baby because when Titus was having a conversation with his mother and father they were explaining how they kind of took traits from a looks a actor they wanted there son to look like which is DelGlacey Murdoch, then taking parts from like the mom hands or the fathers eyes. Violet is very different even were she lives is completely different.

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