Feed Part Three: Utopia

In this Portion of Feed called Utopia (by M. T. Anderson) we learn more about how Titus and Violets relationship grow. We also learn how they been spending more time with eachother. Violet is not like the rest of Titus friends and himself, shes honest and she does what she thinks is right for her and not what she thinks is normal. For example At one point in this part, Violete tells Titus and his parents her thoughts on air where they live, Titus father disagrees with her and they have a strong discussion about it. This shows how she is different and how she thinks different from everyone else because everyone else depends off their feed and not theyre senses or ideas, which in this case is not normal but Titus grows very strong emotional feelings for Violet and Violet for him eachday,and as this happens things start to change such as Titus relationship with his friends. Towards the end of part three, Titus and Violete go to a party where all his friends (Calista,Loga, Quendy,Link and Marty) are and at a point they are all playing spin the bottle with eachother and with other people that are at the party. Everything is going well until Marty spun the bottle and it landed on Violet, Marty got up and went to her and was disrespecting Violet and she got upset so she got up and started to act differently and yell. I thhink Violet acted the right way and she started to yell things that were going on in society but things that people didnt pay attention to at all because they were to busy playing spin the bottle and hovering in the air while there are people starving. According to what happen earlier on in the beginning of the book, going to the moon and space was really expensive and so she thought that the way everyone was viewing society instead of helping it was useless so she got upset and started to not feel or look well. Titus got scared at seeing how Violete was looking because he remembered Violet told him that ever since the hacking in their feed she was not functioning well and was not good. Titus got scared and was screaming to please call the abulence after she had insulted everyone, but no one wanted to help. Everyone at the party kept saying “Shes in Mal.”

From what iv read based on their relationship i think that what they have is something clearly true and beautiful And all Violet wants to do is send out a message to show and explain to others that the feed is not something necessary, that it something they can live without. I think Violet sees society this way because she was raised a different way and the way her father is also effects the way she sees things. Violet is the only one who uses a pencil and and knows how to actually write and who knows something unlike the others who HAVE to use the feed for everything. This gives me an idea of how technology is distracting us from real world issues and problems we face everyday but we dont realize them because were to busy on our devices.

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