Feed (Part 3: utopia)

In the part 3(utopia),The normal things are back, after the hacker(Old man at the club) and the hospital. They all go back to earth. Titus and Violet go to a party at Quendy’s. Violet feels very special that Titus takes her to the party. Becaue she never go to a real party before. She only sees a party on the feed. After, Titus and Violet arrive at the party. Quendy says to Titus, that she is happy that he and Violet are doing okay, but Calista says Violet is kind of stuck-up. After  Titus chats with Violet, he finds out that Calista makes fun of Violet because she used a French vocabulary in the conversation. Violet tells Titus that her feed still has damage from the hacker. Titus so worrys about that, but Violet tells him that she fines. The doctor said to her it will be fine. That night after the party Titus has a dream about the police, but he thinks they are not the police. They are the hackers. But when he woke up, he forgets every thing. Violet has a research. This is a big project for her. She says that the company have to find out what everyone wants due to their feeds, but this makes everyone life’s easier. Her project, she creates a customer profile that is so confusing none of the company can market to it. Violet plans to show interest in random items, that will make it impossible for her to be fit into a profile. She and Titus spend a day at the mall, looking from store to store. By the end of the day, Violet receives an amount of banners that they temporary cut off the outside world. Titus asks her why her father did not come to the moon hospital. She says it is expensive to go to the moon and her father have to saved up a year to pay for her moon trip. Titus goes car shopping with his father and Violet. Titus and Violet are excited. But, Violet thinks Titus is spoiled, but she does not say it. Violet says Titus is lucky because he gets this car as a reward for being brave. She tells Titus that they do not have to go to court because the hacker died. Titus surprises because he does not know about this. Next day, Titus and Violet go to a trip to Beef Country. Titus picks Violet up at her house. Also, This is the first time that Titus meets Violet father. Titus has strange nightmares again. He is in a foreign place, seeing riots and fields of black. A kid looks at him. A gun points at him. Then Violet wakes him up. Violet also has the same dream. Then, she tries to call FeedTech, but she gets an automated computer. After that, Titus goes back to sleep and the feed seems normal.

This part of the Feed is show how relationship between Titus and Violet are growing up. They did a lot of things together. They went to the party at Quendy’s. They were doing the reserch(going to the mall). After Titus got the upcar, they went to a trip to Beef country together. Also, they were having a strange dream that they thought it came from the hacker from the moon, but he already dead.

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