feed part 3

In the Novel feed by M.T. Anderson, feed is about teenagers that are sounded or controlled by something called feed which it has different meaning it could be the internet advertising. In part three of the book it was about the teenagers after went back home from the mood and they had a rough experience in the mood it was boring to them and it was even worst when they got hacked from that old guy in the nightclub, Titus, violet, Marty, Calista, Link, Loge and Quendy stayed in the hospital as it showed in part two of the book. After they left the hospital they went back home from the violet became Titus girlfriend and she was different than everyone else and her feed has a virus she is trying to fix it. She got the feed when she was seven years old unlike Titus and his friends because her family is poor unlike the rest so she tries to help Titus to live without the feed. Violet met Titus family they had dinner together it looks like Titus’s dad didn’t like her. Violet lived at a suburb called Creville Heights it’s an assaulted area Titus went to pick her up to go to the and he met her father he was very weird.

In part three they used mal a lot I didn’t really understand what it meant. Part three was mostly about Titus and Violet. Violet tired making Titus happy even when he wasn’t on the feed they had really great time when he picked her up every time from her house to go the mall and she would run around and ask for things she don’t even buy at first he found it wired but he liked it when she was happy, always when she went to meet his family and his dad was mean to her he wanted to say something to him so he could stop ,when he met her wired father and they went to the country side they had very good time, they told stories but their parents.

Violet got her feed when she was seven and after she went to the moon and it got hacked she could replace it she sometimes a part of her body stop’s moving. I have a question so basically they live can’t live without the feed after they get it? But if yes how was the life of these people that don’t have the feed.

Violet’s feed stopped working and when she went to the technician he told her it because she got her feed when she was fully formed its more likely to malfunction, feed controlled everything their emotion, memory. Lesion was as a fashion to them but when they went to the party and Quendy showed up and she had them everywhere I don’t think anyone liked it then but she thought it was cool. In page 194 in the second paragraph when Titus said that people walk in one door and come out the other.it really caught my attention because it’s like he saying that how technology is we go on it for hours but it’s like we was never on it.


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