Feed Part 3

In this part of the the novel they have recovered from the virus the hacker gave them. Titus is home now with his family recovering. Although his feed is back his father is still very disappointed with what happen on spring break. But as he recover he can sense his parents grief. Titus later on ask his parents to barrow their car to go to Quendy’s party. He picks up Violet , because Titus’s trying to show her a great time at the party so she can have a good first experience. At the party Titus friends tell him how weird violet is and hows shes different from them. Quendy ask Titus question about how him and violet dates.After the party Violet tells Titus lets hang at the mall. She began telling Titus her view on alot of things in life. As shocked as Titus is he takes it in and wonder about Violet. At times her words often amaze him. He sees violet have a very different outlook on society. She tells him how the school system used to be ran by the government before the companies. With all the knowledge he know has Titus has alot more to think of now. But as time go by Violet and Titus relationship begins to grow even more. Ever since the hacker touched her she has been having problems. Her feed acts up and her legs dont work sometimes. But they often talk about the feed and how it makes life better. But violet feels as if they are bad and how prople are watching them.

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