Utopia, part 3 of “feed”, Titus acknowledges that things are normal after the hacking and hospital. Few days later, Titus went out on errands and met Violet for the first time after the moon. He picks her up in his father’s upcar to a party at Quendy’s house. Violet was excited to be going to her first real party and feels special. At the party, a lot was going on, friends were chatting and making fun with each other; however, Quendy wasn’t happy with Calista because Calista had her hand around Link and was jealous.

Marty brought in the topic of Coke, everyone was delighted talking about the particular thing they like about coke, Loga said he like the refreshing flavor, Quendy said she likes the regular coke but also the fantastic taste of the Diet Coke, Titus said that he likes Coke due to the energy, then came Violet to say what she likes about Coke, Violet said, “I love the great feeling of Coke’s carbonation going down my throat, all the pain, like….” With lack of words to continue, she appeared funny as the others were looking at her like a stupid person. I think, this could be a manifestation of her lack of exposure which could have been a reason to feel so special and happy with Titus when he asked her to party but without waiting the party to end Violet and Titus left.

Their lives have become customized to the extent that every aspect of it was controlled by corporations. Like Violet said “When you have the feed all your, life you’re brought up to not think about things. Like them never telling you that it’s a republic and not a democracy. It’s something that makes me angry, what people don’t know about these days. Because of the feed, we’re raising a nation of idiots. Ignorant, self-centered idiots.” Unlike Titus who thinks that corporations are better than government in managing the people and institutions as they teaches how the world is used and take care of children, Violet was aware of the manipulations carried out by corporations on their actions and behavior and opt to customize her feed on a way that she can be invisible because of her perception of control.  With the feeds there is nothing hidden, you are observed, monitored, your choice and ability to make sound decision is controlled worst of it, when malfunctioned it can be fatal as Violet put it, “Nobody knows. The feed is tied in to everything. Your body control, your emotions, your memory. Everything. Sometimes feed errors are fatal…”

In a Utopian world where everything is imaginary,   yet still there are limitations with the proper functioning of feed which shows that technology is not 100% reliable. There could be breakdowns or coding errors. However, I can imagine a world of that nature where everyone is assigned a unique IP address and networked, knowing directly what runs in the mind of others, I’m convinced, it will reduce if not eliminate criminal activities. With advances in Information Technology and IP address moving from IPV4 to IPV6, pretty soon, every manufactured product including house appliances, vehicles, airplanes and the likes will be assigned an IP address for easy trace.



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