Today i started to read the novel Feed  by M. T. Anderson. The book starts of with a group of young teens.The book has af uturistic  theme , in which the teens  being in space to start of the novel.As the story progress i learn that they have a futeristic device in which they use to connect to the internet. It feeds them the information they want or need.But on there way to thier destination Titus one of the character becomes fond with a beautiful lady he catches a glimpse of. Titus couldnt stop staring he was wondering about her the whole time until she spoke up and said something to him.He had been lost for words admiring Violet’s beauty.Titus’s friend Quendy got her hair fixed by Violet. She was regular until violet fixed her hair making her the center of attention.Titus’s friends thought violet was different from them she wasnt like them at all. but Titus felt a strong feeling about Violet in which it became romantic.They all went out later in the novel to the club.While in the club somebody infected their feed with a virus in which hospitalized Titus and his friends. While they wait for recovery Titus and violet begins to bond even more. She tries to show him its more to life than the feed. While they wait for their feed to start working again.

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