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So the book Feed by M. T. Anderson is quite interesting and frightful. At least that is what I think personally. I found the language hard to grasp. I guess it could be because of the fact the most books I read, are written in a clear and comprehensible language. Meaning, the books I read are that of an educated level, I’m not saying that Feed isn’t at an educated level, its just that perhaps the novels I read are maybe more of an amplification? I’m not sure I tried looking it up just now but I still can’t seem to put my finger on it. The closest was this Amplification(rhetoric) literary technique. But Feed seems to be more of a stream of conscious kind of writing thing or even perhaps an unreliable narrator technique. On a personal level, I find it hard to grasp the monologues and thoughts of this character named Titus in Feed. The way he spoke and the way his friends spoke were conversations that of a fifth grader trying to sound smart. I don’t know honestly how to describe this thought of mine that I can’t surface. Anyways, the frightful concept of this book that had chills running down my spine was this so called Feed. I still don’t seem to understand what the Feed actually is. I mean, I know that it has something to do as practically one’s own personal internet thing in their heads. Whereas ads and whatever else they wish to know come right to their thoughts. This one scene in the book that really can’t stop playing in my head is when Titus takes notice of the girl in gray wool and begins to observe her in all kinds of aspects and eventually when he tries to describe her spine, I believe it was, he couldn’t come up with a word to describe it. However, the ‘feed’ brings him up the word he couldn’t quite put his thought on, “supple.” I found it horrifying because now in modern society, there is this Bluetooth that allows one to instantly talk with someone with no need to hold the phone or other devices. So one talks and continues on with their tasks. Another thought that went by my head was this ridiculousness of apps on plasma tvs that allow one to stream videos, play games, and even to login in to their social media websites (like their phones isn’t enough already). The thing is, one is willing to spend all this money on non-expensive apps for the tv that eventually piles up to one big bill and practically spend all their time on it. What ever happened to exercise? I mean sure there is exercise in many lives, but compared to the 1980s we’re sloths! Anyway, the point to this is that the Feed can actually become a reality in the near future. With technology advancing faster than a rabbit in spring, the feed can be produced and make our lives dull. There won’t be any excitement in anything because all we’ll want to know will just be thought away from getting it.

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