Feed Part One and Part Two

This amazing book called Feed written by M. T. Anderson has a setting of a futuristic view and also based on the idea of the future in space. The book focuses on the protagonist named Titus and his friends and how they manage to live in this world that revolves and which they depend on something called Feed, Feed is like a type of internet or technological device that is set in their mind which they use for almost everything and then theres one person whos completely different and fights against it and does not use it.

In part one and two of the book Feed, Titus and his friends go to the moon for spring break and while they are there they encounter a friendship with a young girl named Violet. Titus thought Violete was the most beautifulist girl, and he started to grow physical attraction for her. As Titus and his friends introduce themselves to Violete they decide to go out and as they have a fun yet terryfying experience at the club they all get mind hacked and they end up being shut off And taken to the Hospital. During their stay at the hospital waiting to recover everything lost on their feed, Titus and Violet start to grow a stronger physical and emotional attraction for eachother at that moment Titus starts to realize Violet is not like the others,shes much smarter and stronger. Violet has the ability ro write with pencil and read unlike Titus and his friends,Violete also knows another language from the heart (65) and also she is the only one who truely understands some concepts such as the word metaphor (63). This book was very difficult and confusing during the first pages of the beginning chapter but then as i read on i started to understand what was really going on and where everything was taking place and also what the setting was. I couldnt underatand many of the terms or words they used in the book but eventually as i read on i started to understand more. With reading the first parts of the book i think that throughout their expierence in the moon they will encounter many problems with society and the role it plays,such as with the Feed they use. From what happened to Titus and his friends at the club i think this will probably happen more often or something similar will re encounter and will cause society to change or maybe Violet will be able to fight and change society for good and not for worse Which was what was going to happen.

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