Feed – Part 1 & 2

Feed is futuristic view of life through the voices of teenagers. They describe a dark contaminated world where air is scarce. Although much of the kids behavior seems familiar, there is an underlying feeling of hopelessness. With chips planted in their brains and a constant flow of advertising and propaganda, they manage to survive. On some level they seem very normal. It is the unique challenges that they live with that are frightening.
The language used in the book seems familiar. Much of the slang is abbreviated and very often the dialogue is broken up. And the Feed is on all the time. The frantic pace created by the author gives me a feeling of urgency.
It seems that everyone has lesions somewhere on their body. Although they joke about them, I feel they have been infected. They actually try to make each other feel better about the sores. The girls actually talk about how “it’s on the edge of your face, so it frames your face.” And Violet then says, “I want mine to go all the way around. I want it to be like a necklace”. How do they deal with this? I would like to know if they are dying.
Violet is a girl the group meets when they go to the moon for spring break. They are underage and just like in our world, their plans are limited. Titus seems to be the most mature of the group. He has spotted this girl and is attracted to the fact that she is different. She notices him as well.
On the moon there is little gravity. It is a wild scene filled with tourists and strangers. The boys like to play around in the environment. Titus seems to be worried about how they are perceived. He doesn’t like when they act “stupid.” The girls seem to stick together and be influenced by the Feed quite easily. Twice, they disappear and come back with different hairstyles.
When they seem to be enjoying themselves, they are suddenly attacked. By just being touched, the messages they hear change. They have no control over their speech. They are chanting and can’t stop. The Feed has stopped. These are just children who really become frightened. Nobody understands what is going on…..and they wake up in the hospital.
After being told what to buy, what music to listen to, how to live, where to eat all the time, there is silence. The doctors don’t really fill them in and the parents are on the way. Only Violets parents aren’t coming. Through this catastrophe, Titus and Violet are growing close. She wears clothes from the past. She actually writes the “lost” language. He seems fearless in some way.
As I continue reading, I wonder about Violet and her story. These characters lose their minds for a couple of days. They are forced to live without the Feed and they adapt. Time seemed to slow down for a time and they almost seemed happier. I didn’t want them to be programmed. I had the feeling that they would have been fine without it.

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