Feed part 1&2

Feed by M. T. Anderson is a futuristic novel about Titus and his group of friends. Titus and his friends go to the moon to spend their time during spring break. They try to enjoy the moon, even though it gets boring sometimes. They like it there because there is low gravity. All of their minds are set to a device called the feed. The feed is like a network where they are always connected to digital sites, such as music, entertainment programs and even chatting. They chat with others through m- chatting. Later Titus meets a girl named Violet, and he seems to like her a lot for some reason. Titus’s friends, Link, Marty, Calista, Loga, and Quendy meet Violet, but they think she is different than them. They all went to a club, and while they were at the club, a man hacks into their feeds, eventually they end up in the hospital. Their feeds weren’t working for some time. In the mean time, Titus and Violet start a romantic relationship. While they were recovering, Titus’s father came to see him.

The beginning of the novel was very confusing. A lot of things they were talking about was hard to understand, but it got clearer as I read on. At first it was hard to understand what the feed was. The language they use is confusing as well. In the novel, they don’t write with pens and things like that and when Violet writes with a pen in front of Titus, Titus was surprised that she writes. He questions her about that, he asked her ” you write” and she answered “sure.”(65) Their literacy wasn’t that great because they are always connected to the feed.

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