Catfish (extended day)


As¬†1.11 Billion people¬†know, the¬†most common place¬†for humanity to¬†connect online is currently¬† Facebook. Isn’t Social media a blessing,¬†everyone gets to meet knew people and start new relationships without even having to book a flight or venture on an old fashion road trip….or is it? Nev the main subject in a 2010 American documentary decides to shoot a armature film named Catfish¬†to explore the virtues of online communications that can lead to relationships. Nev starts his Journey by accepting a friend request from this little girl who happens to paint and is inspired by this pictures he takes, so he would send her photos for her to paint. This went on and off until he started to meet the family¬† on Facebook which lead to Abby’s mother Angela’s¬†check up calls every once and a while. Nev soon met Meg, Abby’s half sister which¬†he finds attractive and decides to start daily conversations. Soon after they started calling each other baby and what not, therefore due to him starting to catch feeling for¬†Meg, mind you someone he¬†never met, he couldn’t help but wonder if everything she said it accurate. So him and his peers investigate and find everything to be a bit odd. After 8 long months¬†His brother Ariel, and friend henry¬†packs up for a last minute road trip to Michigan, soon finds out the truth behind his¬†Facebook girlfriend and what lies ahead isn’t pretty. He arrives at Megs house at night and does a quick drive by. In the Morning he knocks on the door and what seems to be Angela answered with complete surprise but happiness in her eyes. He soon after introduced him self and explains the reason for his visit gradually. Nev spends the next two day with¬†Angela¬†and still seems puzzled about the situation, finding out Abby is not really artistic¬†compared to her mother¬†painting skills¬†along with there being no existence of¬†Meg… The¬†Confession comes out in the last few hours of his visit when Nev’s questions become more blunt. Angela explains she was the master mind behind all of Meg’s actions and she’s greatly sorry for¬†Nev’s lead on feelings but she felt the other 16 Fake Facebook profiles would maintain Nev’s faith for “Meg” since they were her friends keeping out and backing up Meg’s non existent lifestyle.

My thought’s are very mixed on this fake Social media profiling, it happens every day whether the fool who’s falling into this trap knows it or not. Through out Nev’s unappealing situation he should of realized 16 friends, speaking with Abby’s mother once in a while compared to only speaking with Abby once should of gave him a hint. Acknowledging all the paintings he reeved didn’t seem like they where painted by a¬†7 year old and the magically appearing Half sister Meg. You can’t trust everyone you meet especially via Social media, because in Angela’s case each of those 16 false profiles allowed her to express what she would like everyone else¬†to portray her as. One main result would be Meg as she presents her self to be a young, cute, outgoing girl who lives on her own. Do to fake intentions it couldn’t help me to believe anything I see on Facebook and makes me more alert who I convers with, especial females! For those who lack Authenticity this should reflect on how you think of your self since research suggest in “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely” by Stephen Marche “Yet for all this connectivity, new research suggests that we have never been lonelier.”(1)¬†therefore maybe loneness is the bigger problem.

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