Poor Nev!

“Catfish” is a documentary about a guy named Nev that started to build this relationship with a little girl named Abby and her family. The point of the film is to show how social media has an affect on peoples lives and connections with people through social media  ,the way they live and portray themselves. The directors of the film are Nev’s brother and best friend. They thought it’ll be a good idea to film the life that Nev was living and to capture the connection that he shared with Abby and her family. “Catfish” has been a really big hit as a film, it even got a spin off series on MTV to try to help people that are going through the same thing that Nev went through. It all started through the social media “Facebook” when Nev had a friend request from a very talented little girl named Abby. In my opinion i think is weird that Nev would obtain this friendly relationship with a little girl! It’s very interesting how the power of social media has people close but not really close, because Nev lives in New York and Abby and her family are all the way in Michigan. Nev got close to Abby then started becoming close to her mother Angela and her half sister Megan and Megans brother. Nev starts to build this intimate relationship with Megan. In the beginning everything is fine but Nev starts to notice a few things that doesn’t add up to what Megan and her family are telling him so he starts to investigate the truth. Nev had an event with his brother and best friend near Michigan so he wanted to meet Abby and the family but they start to do all this research and everything that the family has been telling is all lies. Nev comes to find out the everything was a lie created by one person and thats  Angela. Angela created all those Facebook profiles to continue with her lies and she made Nev believe all of this was true this is really relatable to the article “The Flight From Conversation” some people like to represent themselves differently even going as far to change them selves and to make up a whole person that doesn’t even exist.

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