Catfish documentary

The documentary Catfish had many twists, and was full of surprises. I really enjoyed watching the documentary because a lot of unexpected things happen. Angela was a married woman with a daughter, husband and two stepsons. She pretended to have two daughters and a son. She tricked Nev, and made him fall for Megan, which was Angela’s made up daughter, and she was pretending to be two different characters. She also pretended that her young daughter Abby was a painter when in reality she was the painter. She played many roles and did many things to continue with her lies. Angela would send paintings to Nev acting like if she was Abby and Nev would love them. Angela lived all the way in Michigan and Nev was in nyc. Nev and Megan had a great relationship. They met on Facebook and Nev had multiple friends on facebook that were somehow connected to Angela. The fake page that Angela made for her character Megan was the person she knew would get a guys attention because she was a beautiful girl. She made herself how she knew she would be liked. The article “The Flight from conversation” states that “posting let us present the self we want to be”(pg2) and also “…we can edit. And if we wish to, we can delete. Or retouch: the voice, the flesh, the face, the body.” (pg2) In other words, we can mold ourselves into the person we want to be online. Megan really impressed Nev because she was a dancer, singer and had great qualities. Nev started to get curious when he never really go to speak to Abby on the phone. Nev was going near Michigan for an event and wanted to get Angela, Megan and Abby to meet up with him so that he can finally meet them. Megan had sent him a song that she pretended to record and New ended up finding it on the internet. After he figured out she was lying he started to investigate more and more and knew that he had to find out if Megan was even a real person. He traveled all the way to Michigan and drove to a farm house where megan was suppose to be with horses and didnt see her or horses. The next morning he want to Angela’s house and met her and her husband Vince and sons. Angela did not look like what she looked like in the paintings that Abby supposedly had painted of her. That’s when Nev knew it was a lie. Nev spoke to Abby and asked her if she really likes to paint and she said that she only paints sometimes not often and that her mom paints more, and thats how he found out Angela was the painter When he mentioned Abby’s sister, Abby said she hadn’t seen her in a very long time. When New tried to reach Meg to see her she made a huge excuse. Nev knew it was Angela the whole time. Nev confronted Angela and she told him the fake truth. She told him that she has cancer, and told him that the girl Megan was a close family friend which she lied about. I think Angela was really messed up for what she did and it was very sad. She made Nev fall for someone who was just a character and she was being a fake friend by lying to him. Nev was nice and didn’t go harsh on her. Social media, Facebook in particular is what really helped Angela’s lie last as long as it did. This teaches us that we Facebook can lead us to making fake interactions and fake friends.

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