The documentary film “Catfish” by Nev and his brothers, Ariel and Henry is telling the story about Nev’s relationship with Angela and her family (Abby,Ā Vince, and “Megan”) by Facebook. In the beginning, Nev(a man lives in New York City) knows Abby(eight years old girl from Ishpeming, Michigan) on Facebook as an artist(painting). Abby paints a lot of picture, that she saw in Nev’s Facebook and post it back as a painting. After that, he starts having a friendship with Abby and it becomes stronger. Nev gets some of Abby’s painting by mail, that send by Abby’s mother(Angela). Nev has a good relationship with Abby and her family but, Nev never talks to Abby by phone only talks to Angela. Farther more, Nev knows Megan(Abby’s sister) via Facebook. She is an artist and professional dancer. Nev starts having some conversation with Megan by chatting and posting on Facebook.Nev and Megan’s relationship becomes stronger and stronger. Nev starts talking and texting by phone with Megan. Finally, Nev is falling in love with Megan. Also, he listens to Megan cover’s song that she post on Facebook. One day, Nev found out that the cover’s song, that Megan post is not her song, but she just pick that song on “you tube” and posted it. Nev starts feeling weird and he wants to know the truth. Nev and his brother decided to go to visit Megan’s farm and Abby’s house in Michigan. When they arrived to Megan’s farm, they found out that no one lived there. Nev is checking in the mail box he found Ā his mail still in there. Next, they go to the Abby’s house, and they found out all the truth that no Megan, Abby doesn’t paint, all painting is from Angela. Nev have been talking with Angela as a Megan. Even all of Megan’s friends, they do not exist, Angela creates all of them.

Relate to the “curate the exhibition of the selfā€ (Marche 9) Angela wants to show her self that she want to be from her dream(professional dancer), but in the real life, she is a painter and she does not look like her profile picture. Also, she creates all multipleĀ selves from Facebook to assume Megan’s friends. In my opinion, How can we know, that who is real or not? How we can trust the online world. Except my real friends that I know them.

Nev and his brothers track down the real story, the truth through using Google, Google Maps, GPS Navigation, a call to a real-estate agent, in-person visits, interviews. In my opinion, the most important thing to do to find the truth is in-person visit.

In the car, driving back from fake Meganā€™s fake house, Nev states his feelings for her was ā€œgenuineā€ (ā€œI really cared about this girl ā€¦ now, I donā€™t even know what to feelā€). Can he have genuine feelings even the situations/people were fake (or non-existent)? In my opinion, We can have genuine feelings even they were fake because we have relationship with someone even by social media,Ā sometime when we believed that real, we can not get out of it.

If I were Nev. I would feel bad for all of the story becauseĀ even when Nev having real face-to-face conversation with Angela. She still lies aboutĀ her cancer, chemotherapy, and about Megan.

For,Ā Turkle claims that technology ā€œchanges not only what we do, but also who we areā€ (1). I support Turkle idea, example from the documentary “Catfish”, Angela using technology in the wrong side, lying to people. This is show us that we can not trust the social media. We don’t know who is real or not real.

For, Turkle claims we confuse ā€œconversation with connectionā€ (3). Nev ultimately asks Angela for a ā€œreal talkā€ ā€œsit-down conversation to sort of go over a couple things and clear some stuff up.ā€ Is he attempting to establish real ā€œconversation at this point? If so, does he succeed? In this claims, Nev wants to have real conversation, and his succeed, because he can know all the truth from Angela.


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