The Documentary ‘Catfish’ Directed by Ariel Schulman talks a lot about an average guy named Nev whom starts falling in love with a Girl named Megan that he met through Facebook. At the beginning of the movie it all sounds so sweet to me that they seem to have this nice relationship through long distance. As time goes on in the documentary they seem to realize suspicious things and get to the bottom of things just to realize that what they were believing was all a lie. 

My reaction to when Nev found out that Megan didn’t live in the farm that she told him about wasn’t much of a surprise to me, but when he found out that Megan didn’t exist and that it was Angela all along threw me off too much. I found it to be really pathetic to have lied about so many things just to hurt someone without “noticing”. I feel like this is a perfect example of why we must not believe in everything you’re told online. I felt really sorry for Nev because he really did fall for this chick named Megan who was actually a Model named Aimee and she had a husband and family. The image below of Nev holding a camera with the saying “Who do you think you’re talking to?’ seems like a good question to always keep in mind for when you’re meeting someone online.



I relate this to “does Facebook Really make us lonely?” because this totally connects with the way that this documentary went, Angela, a woman that created fake accounts to satisfy her imagination of personalities she wanted to be but never could or images of her from her past. I feel like Angela felt really lonely because she was in her own little Facebook world she didn’t notice how badly she hurt Nev through Facebook. Angela did these things to make herself feel better she also didn’t realize she wasn’t living her life. She was stuck inside this fake online life and according to the text “Is Facebook Making us lonely?” it says “We gather less. And when we gather, our bonds are less meaningful and less easy.” There was a clip in the movie where Nev confronts her and asks her about Megan. Her respond was that she had Cancer, that she knew Megan and lived down town. She also mentioned that the girl in the pictures was a family friend. Clearly she had no idea about the girl in the photo, there was never a Megan and she lied about having Cancer. That proves that her bond with net face to face is meaningless than how it was online.

In conclusion of this Video Response Summary of ‘Catfish’ a documentary Directed by Ariel Schulman seems to be a great video to watch to show that not everyone online seems to be what they say they are and its really shocking. Angela clearly is a good example of how people can disguise there face behind a screen and show another one. How people seem to life a visual life instead of making a real one.

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