the documentary “catfish” is a documented and directed by Henry,¬†and Ariel¬†¬†involving ¬†Nev¬†as he builds a romantic relationship with a young woman on Facebook..¬†Nev is a photographer and he lives in New ¬†York with his brother and friend…Abby is an eight years old girl lives in Michigan and is also a paints and she send Nev a painting of one of his picture and they became friends on Facebook including her whole family,her mother Angela,Angela’s husband Vince and Abby’s half sister Megan..¬†Ariel and Henry video ¬†Nev as he begins an online relationship with Megan..they talk on the phone,chat on Facebook.. he also revives packages from Angela Megan’s mom .Megan also writes him songs,but Nev find the same song on YouTube so he started to think that they have been lying to him.he later found out¬†that Angela and Abby have lied about other details of Abby’s art career. so they planed to go to Michigan to meet Megan and ¬†confront her about everything..once they reach the house Angela answered the door with so much happiness and Vince was there too..She also tells him that she has recently begun chemotherapy¬†for uterine cancer.Angela try to call Megan multiple times to tell her that Nev was there to see her but she didn’t answer¬†¬†she drives Nev and Ariel to see Abby herself; while talking with Abby and her friend alone, Nev learns that Abby never sees her sister she don’t really paints…¬†The next morning, Nev wakes up to a text message from Megan saying that she has had a long-standing alcohol problem, and has decided to check into rehab and cannot meet him,but Nev thinks ¬†that this is likely another lie from Angela..Angela admits to Nev ¬†that the pictures of Megan were not really Megan they are of a family friend,¬†that the real ¬† Megan really is in rehab downstate and that Angela had really painted each of the paintings that she had sent to Nev not Abby..he than realize that the whole time he thinks he was talking to Megan he was really talking to Angela..As he sits for a drawing, Angela confesses that the various Facebook profiles were all used by her..she thought that being friends with him help her reconnect with the world of painting which has been her passion since she was a little girl,but she gave it up when she decided to marry Vince who has 2 kids who are handicap and need a 24/7 the end Nev had a little with Vince where Vince told him a story about “CATFISH”..Nev also found ¬†out that Angela does not have cancer,and that all the 16 accounts were all fake it was all her..after watching this you get to see what Turkle said about how technology lets us change what we are but who we are it lets us present our self as who we want to be…also Marche has mention about loneliness and that exactly what happen to Angela because she is so lonely and want to live the life she wants but can’t live which is sad and it makes you feel bad for her but its not an excuse for what she did,because she was playing with Ven’s heart ..he was really starting to fall in love love with”Megan” and to find out the girl you think ¬†have been talking to is not ¬†even real it’s sad..

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