Throughout the storytelling of the documentary of Catfish, the voices used in certain situations describes the mood of the event. For example in the beginning, the protagonist Nev, when he was opening up packages, he laughed a lot and joked around. His laughing and joking manner told it’s audience that the current situation is to be taken lightly and such. When Nev is either talking to or texting ‘Megan’ by phone, his tone of voice towards her is a warm sweet one, one can immediately say, “oh he’s having a wonderful time communicating with this woman.” The flirtatious voice he uses is the main tone that lets one know the mood.

Angela’s curating of herself throughout the documentary is actually a very well done job, especially the way she was able to execute each character. Near the end of the film, Angela reveals how each character was a piece of her or/and a wannabe self. Angela was amazingly able to act these people as though they really were her, but they weren’t, they were made up. Each character’s role was sort of to compliment each other character. By compliment, I mean literally compliment on each character’s status to show that status’s  authenticity. The very first character introduced, Abby the 8 year old artist, was a very well curated character, with pictures of her holding a paintbrush in front of a canvas and standing in front of a would-be art gallery, it seemed pretty believable. If Nev wouldn’t have gone right up to the family household, he would’ve kept believing Abby the 8 year old was really an outstanding artist.

When it came down to the tracking, Nev and the crew used evidence left by both Angela and ‘Megan’ to sort of create this puzzle that would reveal the truth. They first started with the postcard Nev sent with a penny to be sent to ‘Megan’s’ residing home. Megan told Nev an address that supposedly was where she lived, in a barn with horses. Nev’s use of google maps was able to give them directions to her place. Unfortunately, it was vacant, and no horses in sight. It was the correct address because Nev finds the postcard with the penny in the mailbox. Afterwards, more truths are revealed as the gang discover the would-be gallery has not been bought when Angela told them they had already bought it and was underway to getting refurnished. Lastly, when the in person visits happened, Angela tries to cover it up but is unable to thanks to Abby’s honest personality and her twin sons, which turned out to be the complete opposite of what was on Facebook; they were disabled children…..damn it i couldn’t finish 🙁

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