Today in class we watched “Catfish” its a story about a man named Nev.He meet a young painter by the name of Abby and her family.He built a relationship with her and her family as he became fond of Abbys painting.But as he digs deeper into it he find out a lot about Abby and her family. Nev got in touch with Abbys mom Angela and interacted with her sister Meagan . But Nev started a online relationship with Abby older sister. As he falls deeper he questions him self a lot and started putting the pieces of the puzzle together.He felt like he had to see Meagan and meet abby and her family. He built such a strong bond with meagan he felt like they had to meet face to face to make it official. He travels a long distance from home to discover the house Meagan said she had was false and his letters was in the mail box. He arrives at the family house to figure out Abby wasn’t a painter and Angela the mom had created a fantasy world around different people and was telling Nev a lie.

Angela plays a big role in this movies because she plays almost every role. She has several fake Facebook accounts to make her story add up. She has several cell phones in which she uses for her different personas. She pretended to be abby when sends Nev the paintings she did.And acts like Meagan the girl Nev has a crush on. He caught on to angela one day when Meagan sent Nev a song she said she recorded but turned out to be somebody else song. Nev and his brother went to find out the truth.He used google to find out the art gallery was a lie that Abby and her mom didn’t but it nor hold an art show. Nev was shocked to find out that that place has been abandon and on the market for such a long time. He realize he’s being lied to but doesn’t wanna quite admit it as yet.

The Competing vision here is Angela’s vision of a beautiful young painter with a perfect life.But in all reality she isn’t as beautiful or as perfect as her Facebook page or paintings.She tried to keep up with all her personas and she did a good job because the messages was over Facebook.Throughout this process Nev has gotten to know Angelas whole family and has grew fond of the paintings he thinks he’s getting from Abby. Nev calls them his lil Facebook family.He built a bond with Meagan and he felt he had something real.But it turned out to be fake when he arrived at Meagans house and he got the mail he had sent to her not picked up. And it was a empty barn house with no horses.He was in disbelief that they would lie to him like that.When he found out she lied to him and Angela was behind it all she apologized for violating another persons privacy. She felt bad about using others peoples pictures to create fake pages and leading other people on.


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