The documentary film “Catfish” is by the young men Nev, Ariel and Henry. The story involves the main character Nev has falling love with “Megan Faccio” on the Facebook and then a bunch of stories below. Dramatically, “Megan” actually is someone else pretended. First, the story is begin Nev is a photographer in NY. He admires an eight years old artist, Abby and they are friends in the Facebook. Also, Abby’s mother Angela, her husband Vince, Abby’s half-sister Megan and other family relatives are all become Nev’s friends in Facebook. One of the charming girl, Megan catches Nev’s attention. She is so hot and single. She is singer and dancer. Nev likes Megan and she is mutual. They become contact with each other through texting or phone calling. Some time, they mail things for each other. They begin online relationship. Megan often sends her performance’s songs for Nev. However, Nev’s friend discovers Megan’s songs are from YouTube while they are on the business trip. Nev feels that is totally unbelievable and heartbroken. Also, they found out there is not only Megan lies, Abby’s mother, Angela also tells lies about Abby’s gallery. Ariel and Henry suggesting Nev does not expose what he knew to Megan because they decide to travel all the way to Michigan in order to dig out the truth, whose is playing Nev. By the various doubts, they drive to Megan’s farm at first, but didn’t see anyone. On the next day, they approach at Abby’s house, Angela feels astonished that Nev just shows up in front of her. She looks homely and not beautiful as the painting looks like. Angela lives with two sick kids are Vince’s children. Abby isn’t at home, Angela drives Nev and his friends to another place to see Abby. After Nev meeting with Abby, he surer that Angela is liar because Abby has no idea what does Nev said and she seldom paints. In addition, Nev got a message from Megan that she can’t see him because she is alcoholic and now is in rehab. Nev knows that is lying from Angela. On the afternoon, Nev tells Angela that he wants to have real conversation, no hiding staffs. Finally, Angela feels so shame what she did. She tells everything. There is no Megan, the painting is her work and she is the only one pretended all the differences of characters in the 16 Facebook profiles that she crated. Angela actually is wire-puller to make up all the stories.

“Megan” and Nev are being too lonely. They both easy get relationship through the social media. However, we don’t know who is telling the authenticity from the internet. In order to trust somebody should be not just get to know each other online because the technology connection such as Facebook profile can be create, edit and we can’t get that much true info. As Sherry Turkle says in The Flight From Conversation “We can’t get enough of one another if we use technology…” P2

Nev was so upset while he knew everything is fake. He was enjoying at the beginning with “Megan”, but the ending is opposite that is suffering because that just a farcical unreal story. I think that Nev has been too lonesome, he just immersion himself with “Megan” and forgot to careful think about it. This connected to the article Is Facebook Making Us Lonely by Stephen Marche says “Loneliness affects not only the brain, then, but the basic process of DNA transcription. When you are lonely, your whole body is lonely” and “The problem, then is that we invite loneliness, even though it makes us miserable”P7

Although Angela’s action really bad and hurts Nev, I feel bit of sympathy to Angela. She has displeased life and take care two sick children in a whole day. At the end, I am glad that Angela changed herself. She builds up her own website to promote her paintings and Nev still is friend with her.

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