Catfish is a documentary directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost.Throughout the document Nev Schulman (Ariels brother) discovers and gains an emotional and physical attraction to a girl named Megan. Nev discovered this girl through Abbys facebook. Abby is the eight year old who sends Nev pictures of her painting. Nev then discovers Megan which is Abbys half sister. Megan and Nev become friends and grew a romantic friendship through facebook,chats,and through the phone. Megan then decited to write songs for Nev and Nev finds it funny that the song she wrote for him is on the internet and by an artist. Nev and Henry then start to realize that Abby and Megan lied about many details and he was very annoyed that they were taking advantage of his friendship. Truth is Megan in relality was Angela. After meeting with Angela and her family, Angela confessed where the drawings really came from and why she had done the profile. Angela admited that while she used the profile as Megan and built a relationship with him,that she felt better,she felt as if she had reconnected with the passion she once had for art,thats where the art she sent him came from. Throughout the relationship they built together,somethings that made him think the relationship was real were the phone calls,the paintings,the pictures and even the information he knew about her.

According to the document,Angela gained confidence because Nev made her feel good and she had felt inspired to paint again. But what did Angela really loose? Angela lost confidence in her self. Angela gained nothing but confidence,inspiration and self motivation from the expierence she had,she then felt guilty and stayed with a guilty concious of what she really did and what harm she caused to him and even the other people she lied about having friendships and relationships with. Throughout the expierence he had, he speaks about how there are people who keep us active everyday and thinking on our toes about those on the other side of the profile. Could we be speaking to who we really are and think we are?

This document proves how the loneliness of Angela came to the point where she pretended to be someone else to be able to feel good and go on throughout the day having and inspiration or a motivation that made her posses the happiness of her painting that she once had and could not re encounter. Based on what happened in the document she states she gave up her painting career to marry vince and take care of his two mentally disabled children that needed constant care,but as she grew a relationship with Nev,she felt that spark once again that made her want to paint and move on.

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