In the video “Catfish” produce by Nev and his brothers mainly was about an eight year old girl name Abby¬†that was on Facebook and became friends with Nev. As Nev and Abby started conversing though Facebook Nev found out that Abby was a child that love to paint art and they became close friends. Abby started sending Nev painting of her pictures.¬†Even though Abby lived all the way in Michigan and¬†¬†Nev lived all the way in New York they both stayed connected really good with the help of Facebook. As¬†Nev got to know Abby really¬†well he then became mutual friends with Abby’s Mother Angela and half sister Megan. After a few conversations with the family Nev became really attached to¬†Abby’s¬†family¬†and¬†considered them his “Facebook family”.¬†Nev then became really¬†attracted with Megan and they both started a relationship though Facebook. As the relationship between the two grew Nev found out a lot of suspicious behavior with Megan he first realize that the talented Megan was pretending to be someone she was not after running a few research on the songs Megan send to him using Youtube. After becoming suspicious about a lot of the false information that Angela and her daughters was giving to Nev. Nev and his brothers decided to take¬†a trip to go pay Angela and her daughters a visit to see what was the real story behind the story they been told. When Nev arrived at Michigan they went to the horse farm but realize that they wont really any horse there. Before leaving¬†Michigan Nev decided to go pay Megan’s Mom Angela a visit.¬†When Nev arrived at Angela’s house he was in shock and heartbroken¬†because Angela was nothing compare to what she claimed to be though¬†Facebook¬†nor her husband¬†Vince and the two sick children that they lived with, by this surprise Nev knew their were a lot¬†to find out about this family cause it was clear enough to see that nothing was matching up to what he¬†been imaging it too be all along. As Nev and Angela talked Nev realize that Angela was a really happy person and she also mention to Nev that she was really sick and soon had to under go chemotherapy. Angela then¬†told Nev to come with her to Abby’s friend house where Nev found out that Abby’s haven’t seen her older sister in so long and also that Abby couldn’t even paint as good as he thought, it¬†was Angela painting¬†him pictures¬†all along. After gathering enough information to prove that the whole story was a lie, Nev ask Angela to do him the favor of just telling him the truth about everything.¬†Angela agreed to share the truth¬†to¬†Nev where she told him that Megan wasn’t even real and that the pictures was use from a really close family friend, and that also all¬†the sixteen¬†profiles that was use to¬†like, comment and post on Megan’s, Abby and her profile was all made by her .¬†After listening to Angela’s story Nev¬†realize that Angela had a really bad problem which was she was¬†really unhappy and lonely.¬†Therefore Angela made all these profile to express the person she would¬†love to¬†be and it¬†also helped¬†keep¬†her entertain and to¬†escape¬†her lonely life though social media. The video “Catfish” relates to the article ” The Flight From Conversation” by Sherry Turlke because she stated that ”¬†texting and e-mail and posting let us present the self we want to be” which shows that even though Angela was living a lonely and unhappy life she portrayed herself on social media as the most happiest person she could ever be. In the¬†story about Abby there where no authenticity cause all Angela did was take pictures of other people which showed that she just violated others privacy but not with the intensions of doing so, she just did it to¬†make herself in to everything she ever wanted to be her entire life.

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