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So I finally got to access Open Lab πŸ˜† Β and i feel like its fair to write a little bit about myself since i recently started this course. Well my name is Evelyn and I’m 18 years old πŸ˜• . I was born and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn NYC. I’m not planning on leaving. Art has always been my passion, i love to draw and I’m all about creativity. I really want to be a graphic designer because I want to shower the world with art. I want people to know me for my art work and most of all see what i see the world as.

My parents are both Mexican/Spanish. Im not ashamed of my nationality at all, i actually love the culture and everything to do with where my parents came from. I have 2 annoying brothers so sports and video games is kinda my thing but i have a girly side also. On my free time which is barely lol i sing on friday or saturday nights in front of decent crowds. I attend music class at small private school. I feel like my life is all about music and art. Drama isn’t my thing. Music wise; the one and only person that inspires me to go on with life its self is a man i met 2 times in my life by the name of “Abel Tesfaye” a.k.a The Weeknd. :mrgreen: His music has saved me and kept me going since 2011. he inspires me to get up and do something with my life and not care about what anyone thinks of me. he gives me so much strength through his music. the list can go on and on about how much him and his music means to me.

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I Graduated from Sunset Park Highschool August 29th 2013. I slacked so much Senior year due to the issues i had going on. πŸ™„ at least i graduated and started college. I really did want to come to City Tech because it seems like a good school to grow from. to start. im very anti social and shy 😳 but i have to grow out of my shell and i feel like college will help me. Im actually glad i get to start over now, new school, new everything. I hope you actually read this and got a bit closer to meeting that new girl in the class that just walked in. 😐


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  1. We’re very happy to have you in class this semester Evelyn, and I hope you’re enjoying it so far and getting a bit more comfortable with the other students and me. That’s so wonderful that you sing regularly in public … what genre of music do you sing?

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