In the documentary “Catfish” by Nev Schulman, his brother Ariel and his friend Henry, it’s a story about Nev meeting an 8 year old Abby and her family, her mother “Angela”, her sister “Megan” and her brother “Alex” through Facebook. Nev receiving some painting including one of him in the mail from Angela saying that Abby draw them. He started talking to Angela on the phone about Abby and her paintings. Then he started talking to Megan, she was a dancer and a singer. He felt in love with her and her music. They became very close she sent him a few songs but after he discovered the real song on YouTube. He became suspicious to find out the truth. He also found out the Angela lied about Abby’s gallery when he called the owner and found out that the place wasn’t sold yet. Nev and his friends decided to travel to Michigan to find out the real story. They went to Megan’s farm but discovered there was no horse as she said and he found the mail he sent her. Nev was heartbroken that he really cared about Megan and the whole family. The next day they went to Angela’s house and meet her two sick kids and her husband Vince they were surprised that she was a different person from the image they had. Angela seemed to be happy to meet them; she told them that she was going to start using chemotherapy  then they drove to Abby’s friend’s house when they meet Abby and her friend he found out that Abby doesn’t talk or see her sister Megan and she barely paint. The next day Nev received an email from Megan saying that she has alcoholic and she was going to get helped and cannot see him. He knew that it was probably another lie from Angela.  When he met Angela again he asked her for a real conversation, he wanted to hear the truth. She told him that Megan wasn’t real she was a family friends and she is the person with all the 16 friends Megan had on Facebook.  This is so heart breaking Nev puts his pain a side and decided to hear her till the end. Angela was the one that drew all the paintings she claim was Abby’s. After he heard from her he knew she had a serious problem. She was lonely and not happy with her life she wanted to live a different life with that fake image she created because she wasn’t satisfied with herself.

  • Angela created Facebook with someone else pictures and information. Megan the girl Nev felt in love with wasn’t real it was real it was all a lie from Angela and the goes back to what Sherry Turtle says in “The flight from conversation”  “texting and emailing and posting let us present the self we want to be” it was easy for Angela to present herself as if she was Megan. She also said that it’s easy to go back and read or change stuff on Facebook and that’s what helped her continue with her lie.
  • NEV, Ariel and Henry tracked down the “Truth” starting from the song Megan (Angela) sent him as if it’s her song but they found the real song on YouTube, and when they called to find out about the place Angela said they bought for Abby’s gallery. So they decided to go to Michigan and find out the real story the “truth”. Then they found out that the farm that Megan (Angela) said was hers wasn’t really hers and she didn’t have a horse.  When they saw Angela she wasn’t the same person she said she was. When Abby and her friend told Nev that she doesn’t talk or see her sister Megan and she barely draws. The text the received from fake Megan that she has to go get help because she had alcohol problems and that she can’t see him. They knew that everything was made up by Angels and that there was no Megan. Finally when Angela told Nev everything. In “is Facebook making us lonely” Cacioppo says” Facebook is merely a tool, and like any tool, its effectiveness will depend on its user.” It affected Nev because he trusted and became friends with someone he don’t know.  And Angela affected him by making up all these lies and falling in love with an imaginary person.
  • Nev loved Megan and cared for her, he proved it when his friend asked his if him and Megan will go out he said he won’t because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. When he found out that the farm wasn’t hers he was shocked and couldn’t believe that he was fooled or lied at. He said “I really cared about this girl, now I don’t know what to feel.”
  • Turkle claims that” technology changes not only what we do but who we are.” Angela isn’t happy with her life when she give up everything to get married to Vince she knew that she can’t be what she wanted to be. But told her to go do what she wanted but she says that she wants to live with him and the kids, she wants “security” that shows that she is not secure. Therefore she draws the life she wants in her very powerful imagination through Facebook.
  • Vince’s story about “Catfish” means that there are people in our life that keep us active and always thinking. Angela left Nev thinking by creating fake Megan and loves her, which are really “Aimee Gonzales” a professional model and photographer. Angela didn’t only lie to him of text with a fake account she lied to him when she said that it’s a family friend but she really doesn’t know her. I really feel bad for Nev its heartbreaking and unimaginable story he went through with all the lied Angela made up. I don’t think he would ever trust anyone on social networking that’s good he learned his lesson but the hard way. Everyone should know this story to learn from other people’s mistakes, experience.

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