“Is Facebook Making Us Lonely” Summary (you gave me the OK)


Would you consider being alone and loneliness the same thing? Well research specifically done on Facebook advocates has caught the attention of many Doctors on this matter, and all the negative effects that come along with social media. Stephen Marche makes plenty of surprising points in his article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely”. For instance Isolating your self from the real world, real life vs. online life, and overall the unprecedented alienation. Loneliness is not a matter of external conditions but rather more of a psychological state which can cause Neuroticism, or anxiety with due time. This is rapidly growing which is expected to soon surpass another addictive industry; such as the global coffee industry which is estimated to gross an astonishing $100 billion dollars in revenue which goes to show that there might me more people using Facebook than drinking coffee. Long term health concerns are a issue for humanity in this situation.

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