The documentary “Catfish” by Nev and his family/friends was very heartbreaking, because this is more of an response than a summary, I can say my mind was so twisted when I found out Megan was Angela and eventually found out there was no Megan. Angela lied about having to do chemotherapy. Then to find out Abby doesn’t even paint! there’s no “Abby’s Gallery” She doesn’t even know who Megan is! Then to find out Angela made 16 fake profiles to carry out her double life was crazy! 😕  I was so sad for Nev. To have his heart dragged around for nine months to actually catch feelings for someone who isn’t who they say they are. To arrive and realize the person you thought you had a relationship with doesn’t even exist.

I love the way Nev handled the situation. Though he was heartbroken and devastated, he stayed calm and remembered that Angela has real emotional problems that are both internal and external.

In class we talked about how people use social media to mediate who they really are, so people think they’re a different person than they really are. Angela did that. She posted pictures of people that weren’t her, but that’s how she wanted to be perceived. Her thinking like that had consequences, as I mentioned in class although you may feel bad for Angela because he has a complicated life, and she gave up her dreams. She played with a innocent mans heart. He felt love for a woman that he thought was real, who actually is married with two kids living up in Vancouver! Angela had nine months to realize what she was doing was wrong and would have consequences.

Ive always watched the Catfish Tv show but I never knew his happened to Nev and that’s why he wanted to expose those who are Catfishes. “Catfish” is the perfect name for this. Catfish you don’t know what or who your dealing with a cat or a fish. you don’t know which identity the person is, they have two, the name just fits perfectly.

I didn’t see anything Authentic until the end because Angela came off phony in the beginning I suppose because she was figuring out a lie to tell. being that we knew from the beginning when she opened the door it was all a lie she didn’t look like her photo at all, maybe just the hair.

To be honest, one time I tried to create a fake profile with a friends photo. ONLY to catch my boyfriend in a lie, im crazy like that. 😆  but point is it worked. I deleted it after because I had no more use for it. I guess what im also trying to say is , its very easy to pretend to be someone else, its very easy to create a fake profile all you need is a Smart phone. Though I didn’t really like being some else other than myself, it had to be done.

I did enjoy the documentary. Im sad for Nev angry at Angela. But im glad they got passed it and moved on and im glad Nev made Catfish the tv show because heart aches are heart aches and they HURT. Those Catfishes need to be exposed!

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  1. Thanks Mylisyaa, for posting your response so quickly. It’s great to hear your thoughts on the film, and I’m glad you enjoyed watching it 🙂

    As promised, I just made a “discussion-starter” post, where I offer up a number of questions to help you think more critically about the film, especially in relation to the articles we read/overall themes of the course. As I explain in that post, your response post should definitely be referring back to the Turkle and Marche’s texts (with quotes/citations), putting their claims in dialogue with the documentary. Just wanted to give you a heads-up: remember that you can revise/edit your post at any point until Monday night.

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